We the people at, JustSikh.com feel the need to make a positive difference in lives of people.

JustSikh initiative , was launched in April 14, 2007 as a result of this.

Our mission is to enlighten lives of people by bring out the true Sikh. We do not differentiate between any cast/religion so every body is welcome to participate and contribute to the community. We intend to reach that goal by offering encouraging platforms, Gurbani know-how & apps that help to connect back to Guru and Sikhism.

The whole operations is self funded, with no donations and all the effort here is somehow help improve the lives of Sikh how ever we can.

We sincerely thank our ‘users’ for their support and  value their appreciation and feedback that we have received so far, all of that makes this initiative worth while.

Our Team

manpreet vohra

My name is Manpreet Singh Vohra,  and I am the founder of JustSikh Initiative. At JustSikh we want to enrich the life of a Sikh in today’s busy world. For that we build  mobile apps on the iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android Platform, produce digital content , Audio, Photos etc. anything that help the Sikh to be in touch with Sikhism, Gurbani, other Sikh fellows and the culture. I request you to subscribe to our RSS Feed or Newsletter and be in touch with us. Your feedback and suggestion are important to us. Email me at  : mvohra@justsikh.com


My name is Navdeep Kaur and I manage the operations at JustSikh with my husband Manpreet. We truly believe in the Guru and the in the Karam of what we do .I request our Sikh folks to keep on encouraging us to do a lot more for the Sikh Community and others. We plan to launch various new apps and services and may Waheguru give us all the power and strength to do great things for all.


From the whole JustSikh team, we pray to Satguru for all mankind to live in Chardi Kala and help every one to seek the blessing of the infinite Waheguru.

We take care to bring the right content and message, but being humans still learning and we can make mistakes too, so we urge the Sangat for forgiveness in advance and help us to guide and correct any such mistakes.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa , Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

Manpreet Singh & Navdeep Kaur

(Founder, JustSikh)