learn gatka artworkGatka is a weapon-based Sikh martial art.

Gatka is like an art in life, it isn’t just about fighting. To advance oneself physically, mentally and spiritually through the study of martial art, a combination of diligence, dedication and proper training is the keys for Gatka students. The greatest responsibility of a Gatka coach is to instill a sense of discipline and a code of ethics in to the students to inspire them to lead exemplary lives as leaders in the community.

This App would help you learn the basics of this martial art through the first-ever series of Online Gatka Tutorials. It comes with Text to Read about Gatka, Videos Tutorial Series, Interesting Photos about Gatka and even Audio to play for your Gatka Practice.

The App has been launched with the sole aim of popularizing Gatka among Sikh as well as non-Sikh youth.

Gatka Tutorials Series are courtesy of www.GatkaAcademy.com.

*These learning demonstration in are done by highly trained teachers and students under the guidance especially that involves use of any kind of weapon. DO NOT simply attempt on your own.

DO NOT attempt to learn this on your own unless you are an Adult (18 or older) and are absolutely sure that you know what you are doing, as it can result in serious injury.

ALWAYS work with a Guru (Teacher) as the Guru can guide you and teach you in the right safe way. Go to you local Gurdwara and most likely they have a Gatka class on weekend that you can join the learn this safely.

All the best, Learn to grow, Learn to Play, Learn of Help. Gur Fateh!

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